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Drop down menus alignment

I recently came across a funny scenario where, in a XenDesktop 7.1 environment, the drop down menus are on the wrong side of the cursor. The reason for this is the Tablet PC functionality in Windows 7+ where it looks at what type of display you are using and try to give you the most […]

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Javascript is fun!

Playing silly games are just a waste of time and they don’t really “give you anything”. Byt yesterday I stumbled upon a great creation of mankind! Untrusted by Alex Nisnevich, opensource and available on GitHub. It’s a great adventure game that relies on your Javascript knowledge to advance in the game. The beauty of it is […]

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Raspberry PI Thin Client? Why not!

Todays focus on server infrastructure is all based on Cloudbased solutions. Wether it’s a local cloud or an offsite cloud. The problem with moving all the compute power from a local Desktop to a server is that it requires very powerfull and expensive servers. If you decide to put all your servers in an offsite […]

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