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Setup Dirsync with Password sync for Office 365

I've searched the web for information about how to setup a Dirsync for Office365, and came across this youtube video from Microsoft that really simplifies everything for you!

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LibreOffice 4 Default User Config

LibreOffice is a great Office suite to use, and is getting more potent as a replacement for Microsoft Office.  Using it in an enterprise is fairly simple if you’re happy with the predefined config and let your users do all the settings by themselfs. There is, however, a couple of ways to change the predefined settings. […]

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VDA stays Unregistered at XenDesktop Controller

The Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) have an option during installation where you have to point out the XenDesktop Controllers by hostname, IP address or just by pointing out the XenDesktop Farm. If you happen to point out the farm it is most likely to not get registered at the XenDesktop Controller in Studio. The solution, […]

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