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Deleting files with “too long filenames” in Windows

If you’re using Microsoft Windows and happen to have a file that has a very long filename, more than 260 characters to be percise, you’re living in a hell… Nothing can be done with it! Unless you use a great little tool of course, Robocopy! Robocopy is an old product that comes with Windows since […]

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Allow VMs when XenServer is virtual

Not applicable for production environments, but for lab purpuse this is excellent! Assuming you have a MySQL server on the management server, login as root on the management server. Type in: mysql to open the mysql console. Type in: insert into cloud.configuration (category, instance, component, name, value, description) VALUES (‘Advanced’, ‘DEFAULT’, ‘management-server’, ‘xen.check.hvm’, ‘false’, ‘Allow […]

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CentOS setup NFS share

Great howto for setting up a NFS share on linux:

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