Storefront 2.6 – Additional URLs

A common setup is to use the same internal as external URL. The best way to accomplish this is to setup a load balancer and content switch vserver in Netscaler where you point the internal URL to. This way you can handle the redirection from the root ( to the Store address ( for web access properly.

This works good as long as you’re accessing resources from a web browser. However, when the native receiver is used you get an error message saying “Select an account to continue”. This is because the storefront does not recognize the url you are accessing from as allowed.

To fix this you need to open this file with notepad:


Search for the tag “<allowedAudiences>”.
Here you find that the BaseURL of the storefront is already present, i.e:

<add name=”” audience=”” />

Copy this row and insert in right after, and alter the address so it corresponds with the desired URL. The end result should like something like this:

<add name=”” audience=”” />
<add name=”” audience=”” />

Now you should be able to connect the native receiver to the Storefront via a Load Balance or Content Switch vServer.