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Storefront Verbose Logging

To enable Verbose Logging in Storefront 2+ you have to run these commands in Powershell in the Storefront server: Add-PSSnapin Citrix.DeliveryServices.Framework.Commands Set-DSTraceLevel –All –TraceLevel Verbose Then you need to restart these services, or reboot the server: Citrix Configuration Replication Citrix Credential Wallet Citrix Default Domain Services Citrix Peer Resolution Service Citrix Subscriptions Store After a […]

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Storefront 2.6 – Additional URLs

A common setup is to use the same internal as external URL. The best way to accomplish this is to setup a load balancer and content switch vserver in Netscaler where you point the internal URL to. This way you can handle the redirection from the root ( to the Store address ( for web […]

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Netscaler – Optimal Gateway Routing

For authentication at Netscaler but routing directly between backend and client, i.e. when user is in the LAN but authentication shall be done at the Netscaler. Edit the web.config file for the specific store (c:\inetpub\wwwroot\citrix\storename). Search for <optimalGatewayForFarmsCollection /> and replace with: <optimalGatewayForFarmsCollection> <optimalGatewayForFarms enabledOnDirectAccess=”true”> <farms> <farm name=”farmname” /> </farms> </optimalGatewayForFarms> </optimalGatewayForFarmsCollection> For each farm, […]

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